Friday, January 07, 2005

War Is To Be Mourned

The end of WW II came into two parts; V-E Day which ended the war in Europe and V-J Day that ended the war in Japan. During each occasion the streets of America were filled with intense celebration. The footage is familiar to all of us. There was confetti raining down on couples kissing and hugging, holding up newspapers proclaiming "Victory". My question is, should the victory of war be celebrated? Absolutely not. We must not celebrate the victory of war like the millions of Americans at the end of WWII, but instead the victory of war is to be mourned.

What were these people in the streets celebrating? Victory? There is no victory in war. No one wins a war, both side suffer great loses that cannot be replaced. War never gives, it only takes. The War of Mexico didn't give us the Southwest, we took it and didn't feel one bit of remorse for it. War takes whatever is in its path. It consumes land, buildings and loved ones. There is nothing worth celebrating when one claims victory in war. In war nothing is gained. War only leaves us with empty chairs where our sons and daughters use to sit. Shouldn't have this crowd been weeping with all the families that lost their children to the monster of war?

Were they celebrating their preserved freedom? My response is, what freedom? Is it really freedom when it depends on a successful war campaign? We are not truly free if we are a slave to war. A slave to war is dependent on war for its survival. A slave is denied their freedom when he or she is put in chains. They are under the control of their master. Why are we celebrating freedom we don't posses? Shouldn't we be mourning the fact that we have chosen to lock ourselves in bondage to our master of war?

Hundreds of thousands of US soldiers were killed in WWII. Approximately 200,000 Japanese were killed as a result of the TWO atomic bombs dropped. Over 600,000 US citizens were killed in the Civil War. What is there to celebrate? Please tell me because all I see is the death and suffering which is to be mourned.

What is to be celebrated? The day when we finally free ourselves from the chains of war. We celebrate the day we when no longer acknowledge war as master. We celebrate the day when we are truly free. We celebrate with Amos on the day when we finally let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Coming next week: Wanting Back In The Garden


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