Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This Ain't The Daily Show

I know it's not Friday, but after a conversation I had yesterday I feel the need clarify the purpose of my blog page. As my friend and I were discussing our blogs he said that my blog didn't have to be so serious all the time. But this is the same friend who challenged me to "come strong, or don't come at all". So before Friday's post let me correct any misunderstanding one might have when they visit my blog.

This ain't The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Yes it is good sometimes to laugh and make fun of the politicians and celebrities that are in the news. I love making jokes just as much as the next guy or girl and in fact I am actually quite skilled at crafting jokes, but my blog is not a time to do so. My blog is also not a personal diary where I keep people updated on my life, that's why I have a cell phone.

The purpose of my blog is to ask hard questions which lead to even more difficult answers. I do not want to follow in tradition of today's stand-up preacher who has substituted deep biblical truths for cheesy punchlines. I desire to follow in the tradition of the Old Testament prophets and Jesus himself. I am not a prophet nor Jesus, but i do wish to follow the example they left behind for us to follow. The prophets, like Amos and Isaiah, knew that proclaiming God's vision was not time to joke around. Jesus had no time to try out new "one-liners" as he gave the Sermon on The Mount.

Yes there are times to laugh and those times are essential to bring us out of the moments of despair. But we are, however, living in serious times that requires critical thinking about world actions and world consequences. I want to you to take this journey with me since both of us are sinners who need to continually transform ourselves into likeness of Christ. So when we return to my blog Friday let us be challenged and inspired to live a life worthy of the kingdom.


J-Wild 7:16 PM  


Lighten up bro! Seriously, Jesus wasn't nearly this despondent and he was HOLY! And by the way, Jesus had great one liners. "Who touched me?" "I am the way the truth the life" "Get behind me Satan" "You brood of vipers" "Ye without sin, cast the first stone" "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth"

jch 7:37 PM  

Forgive Jason's mistakes ("brood of vipers" is all John) for he knows not what he says. :) Keep bringin' the stuff Ewing! Oh and by the way, I hate talking on the phone so if every once in a while you could update us on what is going on with school, work and life in general it would be great. But if not, I understand. You have to stick with your "blog convictions".

kenny 6:22 AM  

You know, it's not unheard of to have multiple blogs. You can keep this one as your "serious, intellectual, no-nonsense" blog and then have another where you can let your hair down and talk about your life, dreams, shoe size and favorite childhood toy.

And Jason man... you got spanked by JCH with the "Brood of Vipers" quote.

J-Wild 7:36 AM  

Well, my Bible has Matthew 12:34 (for context Mt. 12:25-37) in it, I don't know what the NBM (New Brian Mclaren) version has in it...and Kenny, no-one's getting spanked around here anytime soon...especially when it comes to theology!

jch 8:02 AM  

Jason, oh Jason. Did they not require exegesis or modern hermeneutics in your psychology tract? Yes, sure, Jesus is attributed to saying "brood of vipers" but he is also attributed many other things in our text that are quite questionable. Do you and Tom need another pow-wow in the hall by the water fountain again?

kenny 9:38 AM  

As I went to art school, I'll keep quiet on the exegesis of the quote. I retract my spanking statement until further development of this discussion.

Chris Ewing 9:45 AM  

Thanks for the idea kenny. I am going to try create a separate bio/humor blog to balance The Counterpoint

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