Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Faith In The Future

Promoting an odd platform

"I run to seek new policies - policies to end the bloodshed in Vietnam and in our cities, policies to close the gaps that now exist between black and white, between rich and poor, between young and old, in this country and around the rest of the world.

I run for the presidency because I want the Democratic Party and the United States of America to stand for hope instead of despair, for reconciliation of men instead of the growing risk of world war.

I run because it is now unmistakably clear that we can change these disastrous, divisive policies only by changing the men who are now making them."
- Robert Kennedy announcing his candidacy for president on March 16, 1968

Amidst the early bickering between Clinton and Obama, I thought it might be good for us hear from a past presidential candidate that represented a complete contrast from his fellow opponents and those already holding office. For all of Clinton's and Obama's talk about the need for the change in America's foreign and domestic policies, no candidate today is calling for an end the Iraq war. They merely say they could manage the war better than Bush. In truth, Clinton, Obama and other presidential candidates all keep themselves within arms reach of Bush.

I'd be the first in line to vote for a candidate that spoke like RFK. These dangerous times call for a candidate that seeks to lessen the tension rather than increasing it. We need a candidate that seeks corporation with the rest of the world instead of demanding its submission. Politicians and news media would have us believe that this is the best world we can hope for, but it is most certainly not. The best world is a world free from fearing the present and full of faith in the future.



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