Friday, April 28, 2006

Two Down, Two to Go

Networking with Dr. Ceric, the Muslim Grand Mufti of Bosina.

Well I am officially home for the summer. The semester is finally over after a 25pg paper, 20pg paper and 24pg paper. Overall it was a very interesting year living and working in Birmingham. Some of the highlights were....

1. Hearing and meeting Dr.Ceric, the Muslim Grand Mufti of Bosnia, speak at Jewish synagogue,

2. Meeting James Armstrong Sr., the father who was the first to successfully have his sons integrate white Alabama elementary schools.

3. Meeting Dwight Armstrong, one of James Sr.'s sons who actually attended the first integrated elementary school classes in Alabama.

4. Discovering the Blues while listening to Rev. Slick and the Mississippi Soul Brothers play an amazing free set outside UAB arena.

5. Attending an interfaith dinner where I saw religion actually become a bridge instead of a barrier.

6. Attending a church that is willing to provide whatever its community needs.

7. Meeting Katrina victims and hearing their stories.

Those are just some of interesting experiences I've had in Birmingham over the past year. What does next year hold? I'm not sure right now. Right now I'm glad to be home and ready for a break. As of right now, it's two down and two to go.


Coming next week: Seven Years


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