Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One Down, Three To Go

One semester down

Well I am finally back in Cincinnati, KY for the Christmas break. The first semester is officially in the books. The semester was long and alot of hard work. The experience of being completely by myself was also hard and by the end of the semester almost unbearable. But in all it was a good semester. I found a great job at a hotel 3 blocks from my dorm. I found a amazing church that felt like home from the first time I went. I found myself becoming a much better writer than before. I have sent some a copy of my 27 pg research paper on a Quaker relief organization that provided aid during WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. For those who haven't received a copy and would like one just let me know in the comments or by email. It's probably the best paper I have written so far. What was most interesting about the Quaker paper was that it gave me the opportunity to inject the teachings of Christ to an audience at UAB who don't feel the need to apply their religion to their everyday life. This was not your typical Lipscomb audience who already have a vast knowledge of the gospel, but an audience who hold Jesus no higher than you or me. My experience this semester with the Birmingham homeless has also helped me grow as a disciple trying to remain faithful. For now I am home for a month of relaxation and fellowship. For now it's time to recharge for the next semester. For now it's one down, three to go.


Coming Next Week: Person of the Year


J-Wild 11:09 AM  

Congratulations my friend. I am so proud of your discipline and desire to follow your dream. Three more semesters until we see you back here in NYC!

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