Friday, April 29, 2005

The Troops Aren't Coming Home

As times passes and more soldiers are killed the voice of dissent grows louder and the desire to bring the troops home becomes stronger. Those who believe the troops will come home eventually need to face a sad truth. The truth that the troops are never coming home.

Think on this for a moment. We still have have a military base in Okinawa, Japan. There is Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. WW II was over 60 years ago and we still have troops on the ground. We still have troops in South Korea. Of course, we still have troops in Cuba and the Cuban Missile Crisis was over 40 years ago. When the US gets it foot in the door, it is there to stay. There will always be troops in Iraq.

It's time to stop being navie and get real about the world we are living in. It's time to stop sitting back and trust that those who hunger for power will do what is best. It is time to nonviolently confront those who would deny the will of God for their own selfish gain. It is time to stop conforming to the pattern of this world. It is time to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Quite simply.... It is time.


Coming next week: War Before Education


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