Friday, December 10, 2004

Letting Go Of Death Row

Scott Peterson's fate between life and death will soon decided.

Can man legitimately destroy man? Can a created being destroy his or her fellow man? Even in the most haneous of acts, should a criminal recieve capital punishment as an answer to his or her crime?

The question is not, does a man like scott petterson deserve death? Because the answer is always yes. It is not what does Scott deserve, it is what should he recieve?

In the eyes of God, all have fallen short and therefore all are guitly. Our human instinct is to classify sins into categories of big and small. The reality, however, is that sin is sin. God measures no difference between a simple lie i tell or scott's killing his family.

Every human being who sins deserves to be put to death. It our sins that nail Christ to the cross. With everyday that passes is another day i nail Christ on the cross. What do i deserve? I deserve for God to strike me dead where i stand. But what do i recieve? Grace which i can't repay.

I close with a verse from a powerful hymn, " He could of called ten thousand angels to detroy the world and set him free. But he died alone for you and me."


jch 8:36 PM  

Chris, I've marched on the steps of New Jersey's capital and I'm getting involved in New York's proceedings on the death penalty. It just shouldn't be! If you truly believe in the "right to life" wouldn't it be consistent to take that to it's logical conclusion? Ugh. There are huge theological problems as well as sociological problems with the death penalty. I'm on your side.

Chris Ewing 9:43 AM  

Agreed Joe. Yes, "The Right To Life". A Catholic nun on a recent edition of Crossfire made a interesting observation about most "right to life advocates". She said most people aren't pro-life, they're pro-birth; in that once the child is born the society tends to neglect these children by voting down school levys and doesn't seem to care about the millions of children who don't have healthcare. So like you said that if we are going to justly proclaim "right to life", then we must defend that right for even those who don't deserve it.

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